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Salt Lake Film Society educates, advocates, and informs about --and through-- cinema. We promote diversity through film exhibition and creation. We foster film talent and cultivate film appreciation and participation. Our programs and venues ensure that the potent ideas and voices of film are accessible to everyone in our community. SLFS staff is made up of dedicated film enthusiasts.

This is an equal employment opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will be considered for open positions without regard to age, color, national origin, religion, gender, veteran's status, marital status, disability, race, sexual orientation, or any other protected status in accordance with applicable federal and state equal employment opportunity laws. No question on this application is intended to obtain information to be used for such purpose.

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Front of House Concessions Crew

Location: SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84111
Job Status: Full-Time
Days Worked: Sun., Thu., Fri., Sat.
Rate of Pay: $25,001 - $35,000
Status: Until Filled

Salt Lake Film Society is looking for new team members who are ignited by a passion for creative culture and fueled by a dedication to meet the need.  Are you Interested in working theatre operations at SLFS?  Do you love working schedules that revolve around hours of entertainment activities, like evenings and weekends?  Do you love people and interacting with every kind of person and personality? Are you looking for a Full Time job with Benefits?  If so, read on.


Position Description

The Front of House Staff works the day-to-day operations at both venues and reports to the                    
manager on duty. Job duties include the following, along with related tasks assigned by the                    
manager on duty:                    
• Handling ticket sales and concession transactions;                    
• Providing good customer service to SLFS patrons;                    
• Completing daily tasks that are issued each week by management;               
• Cleaning the theaters and sweeping the lobby between shows, and ensuring that the                    
entire area remains clean, including in concessions areas and other front-of-house areas                    
in the facility;                    
• Checking bathrooms for cleanliness and paper towel stocking;                    
• Checking theaters to ensure presentation quality;                    
• Identifying potential issues requiring outside maintenance and reporting it immediately to                    
the manager on duty;                    
• Reporting major issues and concerns to higher authority within SLFS;           
• Helping to update marquees, lobby signage, and poster and video monitor promotion;                    
• Working in concessions day to day;                    
• Stocking concessions as needed;                    
• Keeping sidewalks free of snow/ice during winter;                    
• Renting out DVDS and Blu Rays to customers from SLFS archive;                
• Attending periodic staff meetings                    
• Completing opening and closing procedures at both venues under direction of the                    
assigned manager.                    
o At Tower, this includes, without limitation, checking the auditorium to make sure it                    
is empty, dropping the tills into the drop safe, setting the alarm, and locking the                    
door; when applicable                    
o At Broadway, this includes, without limitation, checking the auditoriums to make                    
sure they are empty, and then leaving through the front door, ensuring it is closed                    
and locked behind; when applicable                    
• Passing on to management issues with projection and sound equipment       
• Assist with cataloging new arrivals in the Tower Archives as needed;            
• Promoting and processing Salt Lake Film Society memberships as needed; and                    
• Assisting with setting up and striking special events as needed.                    
Directly Reports to:Theatre Operations Managers                    
Manages: N/A                    
Peer Group: Front Of House Concessions Crew                    
Works closely with: Theatre Operations Managers, Volunteers